A regular on the fashion circuit, Elaine Marshall is a freelance stylist and contributing fashion editor, fashion creative and commentator.  Working across an array of mediums, she has specialised in fashion over various industries for more than 15 years.  

Making her way into the styling industry via advertising and public relations, her talent was quickly realised and soon became a sought after industry contributor. This pathway allowed her career to quickly blossom, giving her a competitive edge against others.  

A finalist for AHFA Stylist of the Year in 2015 and ambassador for Melbourne Central, Elaine is a highly regarded commentator, not only by her industry peers but also by her strong Instagram following.

During this time, Marshall's career has given her the opportunity to work with many talented creatives (often at the top of their fields), to travel abroad and boast a client list with many iconic global brands. While Elaine's style shows versatility, her work is easily identified, as it has a clear and distinct edge. Both her editorial and advertising work has been showcased worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from almost anything, Marshall loves to travel the world to explore, observe and shop. In contrast, Marshall is a new age yogi horoscope enthusiast with a hippy heart and when not styling can be found barefoot in active wear, sipping green tea and juice while trying to manifest all things magic.